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Dinosaurs, evolution and religion lecture 

Nick Spencer will give a lecture in the Cathedral on Tuesday September 21, starting at 7.00pm on the question what does evolution say about human life?

The skeleton of a dinosaur in Norwich Cathedral provides a unique opportunity to discuss the history of ideas linking dinosaurs, evolution and religion.
Nick Spencer is a distinguished theologian and historian of science. He works on Christianity in public life, focusing on political theology, and the history of ideas over the last few centuries. His books, include “Rescuing Darwin - God and Evolution in Britain Today” (2009). He recently presented a series on BBC Radio 4 entitled “The Secret History of Science and Religion”
He is a Fellow of the International Society for Science and Religion and Senior Fellow at Theos, a London-based think tank for the study of the interactions between religion and society.

Event Details

Title: -            Dinosaurs, Evolution and Religion
Speaker:        Nick Spencer, Senior Fellow at Theos
Date:            Tuesday 21st September
Time:             7.00 – 8.30 pm
Format:         Lecture with Discussion
Location:        Norwich Cathedral
Cost:             £5 per ticket
Online Booking:    https://dippy.cathedral.org.uk/dippy-events/dinosaurs-evolution-religion

The lecture is one of a series of open lectures and discussions on “Talkative Tuesdays” during the visit of Dippy the Dinosaur from the Natural History Museum. It is also the twelfth in a series of annual Science-Faith Cathedral Lectures organised by Science and Faith in Norfolk (SFN), a Norwich-based group that provides a forum to explore contemporary scientific issues from a Christian perspective. For further information, please consult the SFN website or contact sfnorfolk1@gmail.com.
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Helen Baldry, 15/09/2021

Helen Baldry

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