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CLIFFORD'S CALAMYNorwich pastor publishes new book 

Dr Alan Clifford, pastor of Norwich Reformed Church, has published a book on the life and ministry of 18th century church leader Edmund Calamy the Elder.

It is the 350th anniversary of Edmund Calamy's birth. The Calamy family was a prominent family in English Nonconformity from the period of Stuart Puritanism down to the Victorian era. The most famous of the family is Edmund Calamy III (1671-1732), who was an English Presbyterian churchman and historian. Ordained at the London meeting-house of Samuel Annesley, the Presbyterian grandfather of John Wesley, Calamy served Christ faithfully in London during the first third of the eighteenth century. 

Dr Clifford has written numerous books, what is unique about this publication is that a publisher - H&E Publishing -requested it! It started life as an article on Facebook, and has been developed into a 48 page booklet.

Dr Clifford is encouraged that the booklet has been well received by Christians of many denominations and says that the teachings of Calamy are relevant to us today. "Dr Edmund Calamy's life and ministry in early 18th century London inspires hope in our dark days, surrounded as we are by secular materialistic forces. Dr Calamy provided a secure and solid foundation for faith when humanistic rationalism was gnawing at the roots of Christianity. With unflinching faithfulness, his ministry looked forward to the great Methodist Evangelical Revival of the 18th century."

The book is available on Amazon

Helen Baldry, 27/12/2021

Helen Baldry
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