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Spiritual crossroads for Nigel and website

NigelFoxUSANorwich Methodist minister Rev Nigel Fox has recently spent part of a sabbatical in Idaho, USA, developing a How Spiritual RU website within Network Norwich. Now he is looking to the future.
The How Spiritual RU project began when I realised that the church needs to develop fresh means of reaching those who are spiritually minded but who, for various reasons, have little or no inclination towards religion. My recent sabbatical gave me the chance to put in some work in this direction via the internet, from overseas.
It seems clear that we live in an age when lots of spiritual folk are put off by religion, and we need to be obedient to the gospel imperative, and reach such people for Jesus with a style that matches the mood of our times. The internet provides one method by which folk can make genuine enquiry without commitment or pressure.
Of course, there is vast scope on the internet. It is teeming with sites on spirituality of all persuasions, some helpful and others not, but many of them promoting new-age concepts. So, if we are to reach people for Jesus, our task must be to impact this spiritual arena for Christ. Recognising that we also have a rich Christian mystical heritage, we can build upon it, and this may offer us a way in to sow good seeds on receptive ground. As we step into 2007, there are real opportunities ahead.
However, the project is presently at a crossroads. It needs further development, especially with regard to making the assessment pages fully interactive, with options for deeper searches, and upgrading some of the material on other pages. It also needs expanding to cover other topics, such as the need to care for our environment and eco-sustainability (echoes of Gen.2:15).
It could easily remain as a partner-site within Network Norwich, but it may have greater potential if developed as a distinct site in its own right. Either way, it will be important that we offer a credible forum for those who may be seeking and perhaps develop an editorial team, to ensure high standards. Alongside some expressions of heartfelt concern about ‘new age style’, I’ve had two offers of help. But there’s scope for more.
Do you have the desire to reach out in this way? Do you have the expertise to develop interactive pages? Can you offer suitable material to enhance this project? If so, I will be pleased to hear from you.

E-mail Nigel Fox to express an interest.


Pictured above is Nigel Fox on his USA sabbatical.

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