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Asda Chaplaincy

AsdaAndrewsThe Asda chaplaincy in Great Yarmouth has been running since May 2002. Stephen Andrews has provided this ministry since it started and faithfully visits the store every week.

He says: “The chaplaincy is available to both members of the public and the staff. People know I am there for them, whoever they are and whatever their need. It is a great privilege to be able to offer this support and whilst Asda continues to encourage our ministry I will continue to reach out and offer our friendship and support to those who need it.”
People can seek Stephen’s support with all sorts of things, whether they are about work-related worries or personal problems, financial difficulties, relationships, loss and bereavement. As chaplain, Stephen attends the store four hours each week. He also provides an out-of-hours service and an email facility during the hours he is not able to visit the store.
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