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Chaplaincy to Camplings Linen Services

Camplings Factory StaffCamplings Linen (incorporating Superior Linen Services) is one of East Anglia’s largest independent linen suppliers. Their services include linen rental, chefs’ wear and work wear services, dust control and floor care, dry cleaning and private laundry. 

We were extremely pleased to be approached by the manager of Camplings in Great Yarmouth asking if we could provide a chaplaincy to his 200 strong workforce and across all levels of the organisation.

The request came with the recognition that people who work in the company are their most valuable resource and their needs cannot always be met by someone who is part of the firm.
Steve Andrews started the chaplaincy in January 2007 and immediately received a warm welcome from the staff as he visited the laundry over the first few weeks. Steve is also welcomed at meetings of the works council, an interesting and valued initiative in the organisation where matters are discussed to help things run smoothly across the company.

It is perhaps because the company has employees who have been around for a long time, and offer a “family feel” to the work place, that news spread fast once Steve was seen to be the sort of person who could be open and easy for people to talk to.
CamplingsAndrews“A chaplain” said Chris Warner “is someone who is available for anyone in the organisation and is from outside of the organisation. A chaplain has no ‘axe to grind’ and their impartiality and absolute confidentiality are always the most valuable contributions they bring”.
Steve offers some of the reasons why having a chaplain around is a good thing for all concerned:
  • We work alongside people from all walks of life, all faith groups and right where they are - and we do so with respect 
  • We are privileged to be placed in the wider community because most people we see never enter a church except, perhaps, for a baptism, wedding or funeral
  • For whatever reason, people in general do not have the opportunity to talk to a minister or find out what one actually does in their working week. We are in the position to be able to answer questions and relate to them
  • In offering a workplace chaplaincy we give a very real opportunity for people to share their story because we are able to listen, care and respond to their needs as and when appropriate
  • We are there for people in their emotional needs and their spiritual well being
  • Offering a confidential service allows us to be totally independent of the firm we actually visit. That makes our presence more acceptable
  • We make the chaplaincy service available to everyone 24/7
You can support this chaplaincy:
Remember Steve in your prayers as he visits Camplings staff week by week
Pictured above: Camplings staff doing their bit on Red Nose Day
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