Celebrate Young Leaders Conference 

Are you prepared to confront the ideas of our culture and confidently lead others in the light of  the truth of God’s Word?

LeadersConfFlyer2x750Celebrate Norwich and Norfolk is an initiative that seeks to showcase the different expressions of the local Christian community, positively communicating its activities, events and vision. The desire is to bring the light of Christ into the public arena and proclaim the gospel to as wide an audience as possible.
Alongside this celebration of all the church is doing, we want to equip, inform and inspire Christians to live out their faith in wider society. This is what our Young Leaders Conference seeks to do.
Celebrate Young Leaders Conference is a one day intensive aimed at Christians in Norwich and Norfolk aged between 18-30, who have a passion to serve Jesus Christ in their chosen profession. Our aim is to provide a foundation for Christ-centred leadership in the community that the delegates serve, both in and out of church.
The day will be filled with quality teaching, practical equipping, worship and prayer, preparing young leaders to face the issues in today’s society. The speakers come from all over the country and include: Paul Huxley from  from Christian Concern; Melvin Tinker, cultural theologian and Vicar of St John’s, Newland in Hull; Dave Brennan, founder of Brephos, a ministry that helps churches respond to abortion; and Nick Franks, leader of multiple online resources for the church including the Into the Pray podcast, Firebrand Notes blog and My Heart Notes Instagram page.
This is a chance for young Christian leaders in Norwich and Norfolk to come together around the unifying centrality of the word of God, bringing together Christians of all backgrounds to advance the Kingdom of God together. Delegates will come away challenged and empowered to lead by example, standing for the truth of Christ in an increasingly hostile culture.
Book your ticket today via our website, and stay connected through our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information about the day.

Tickets cost £50 each, including lunch and refreshments for the day on Saturday October 24, from 10am- 4pm, at New Hope Christian Centre, Martineau Lane, Lakenham, Norwich, NR1 2HX.

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