Good Work Aims and Objectives

Good work logo wwwMission Statement
  • To seek God’s love and God’s justice in the world of work and the economy
The aims of GOOD WORK (N&WIM) are:
  • To offer high quality pastoral care and support to people of all faiths and none in a variety of workplaces through a team of trained, supported and well organized chaplains offering ministry across the main urban areas of Norfolk & Waveney
  • To create effective links and networks with others involved in chaplaincy and related issues to increase the overall effectiveness of our mission and that of others
  • To develop an understanding of how pastoral care can instigate and inform prophetic activity, to serve and strengthen organizations and structures, as well as individuals and groups
  • To encourage the exploration of Good Work as a way of bringing quality of life issues to bear on all areas of work and economic activity
  • To promote greater understanding of the relationship of interdependence that exists between churches, companies and communities
  • To bring the world of work into the worshipping life of the church
  • To explore with church leaders the connections between Good Work and the strategic direction of the church in the medium term
  • To root all these things in the life of the church through strong links and support mechanisms between GOOD WORK (N&WIM), the denominational structures, county and local ecumenical structures, church leaders and local congregations
In order to achieve its aims the GOOD WORK (N&WIM) management group will:
  • Give oversight for existing work and review in line with its aims.
  • Establish proper systems of support and accountability for the team
  • Develop the strategic direction of GOOD WORK (N&WIM) for the future
  • Set a strategy for the next 5-7 years taking into account the need to broaden the expression of the churches’ relationship to the world of work and economic activity
  • Set up organizational structures and governance appropriate to the challenges the organization faces in effectively fulfilling its mission
  • Improve formal and informal relationships with local Churches Together and other groupings and ensure good liaison with local churches where Chaplaincy work has a particular focus
  • Recruit clergy and lay people to be workplace chaplains or involved in other areas of economic or community life (alongside their other activity), whether stipendiary or voluntary
  • Expand the Good Work (NWIM) network, working with NWCT and other related groups, to provide good communications and appropriate support to all those concerned with workplace ministry and other forms of chaplaincy and those involved in similar issues (for example, those concerned with rural issues and some of the existing institutional chaplains)
  • Relate to denominational bodies, acting where appropriate as a de facto sub-committee of such bodies
  • Plan and facilitate points of discussion between the GOOD WORK (N&WIM) Management Group in order to assist church leaders in the development of denominational policy around issues of work and economy
  • Promote funding for the work, including negotiation with the various denominational authorities
  • Make provision for proper evaluation and appraisal of the work
  • Report regularly to the Norfolk & Waveney Churches Together (NWCT) Committee and Church Leaders, including making suggestions for constitutional change and development


Published: 16/08/2007