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Norwich pair credit faith for diamond marriage

PeterBeullahGallantA Norwich couple, who have just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, have put their marital harmony down to one simple thing – their Christian faith.
Hellesdon couple Peter and Beullah Gallant (pictured above by EDP), who attend Meadow Way Chapel every Sunday, celebrated their diamond anniversary on June 9.

Peter and Beullah married in a low-key affair at the registry office at City Hall on June 9, 1951, when King George VI was still on the throne and Winston Churchill was prime minister. They are perhaps best known for the business that they ran together as newlyweds, Taverham Turkeys.

They attribute their marital harmony to one simple thing, their Christian faith. The couple, who established a luncheon club for Meadow Way parishioners, share a reading from the bible twice a day, in the morning and evening.

Beullah, aged 82, said: “The thing that has kept us together is the church. We’ve had our sorrows but on the whole we have been very happy.” Peter, aged 87, added: “We have always agreed about everything because we talk about an issue until we come to an agreement.”

Daughter Joy said: “I’ve never seen them argue, or fight, or have a cross word and I would say their secret is their faith, putting God first.

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Article printed from at 07:30 on 18 January 2020