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Norfolk creative workshops help Christian growth

Alison HillNorfolk Christian Alison Hill has recently started Butterfly Ministries, which offers workshops on topics including Holy Spirit led writing, dance and 'how to hear God'.  

Alison Hill is passionate about using her prophetic gifts to enable growth in all areas of Christian life. She has a desire to see people reach their potential through focused times of ministry. One of the workshops Alison runs is called ‘How to hear God’. The three hour session is open to anybody, and it is ideal for those who struggle to hear God at all. Alison said, “The workshop brings necessary encouragement and hopefully breakthrough in hearing God for the first time.”

Alison has been involved in Christian ministry for 25 years and attends her local church in King's Lynn. Throughout this time she has operated in her prophetic gift; bringing much needed encouragement to Christians, in and out of the church setting. Alison has organised and spoken at a number of conferences over the years, bringing Holy Spirit led teaching.
Another workshop offered by Butterfly Ministries is on Holy Spirit led writing. The session includes teaching and prayer time to encourage the gift of writing as well as time to write and to share with others in the group. Alison also talks about her own experiences of having her books published. Part of Butterfly Ministries is newly formed publishing company In His Glory Publishing which publishes books by Christian authors who would like to impact people with their words and stories.

A big focus on Butterfly Ministries is on hearing God. Alison says, “How can we truly know where we are going in life without the direction of the Holy Spirit?” Alison also runs a dance workshop to people to experience expressive dance and an environment where people can dance in the Spirit.
Workshops cost £10 per person.
For a list of workshops in offer visit
More workshops will be added as the ministry grows
Click here for more information on In His Glory Publishing
or contact Alison on 07443009116 or

Pictured above: Alison Hill

Article printed from at 01:11 on 20 November 2019