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New team members for Norwich Christian charity 

Hope Into Action TeamCF

Hope Into Action, who partner with local churches to provide homes and support for homeless people, have expanded their team.

Hope Into Action is a national organisation, with the head office in Peterborough. The local team in Norwich comprises four paid staff members and three regular volunteers. John and Rebekah recently joined as Empowerment Officers. Dani does admin in the Hope Into Action office and Kate co-ordinates the charity's activities in Norwich.

The varied skills within the team complement each other well. Volunteer Karen's practical skills in gardening and house maintenance prove valuable in the upkeep of the five Hope Into Action houses across the city. Poppy contributes in the areas of fundraising and marketing and Shona's creative skills are put to use in developing new ideas for prayer support.

The Christian ethos of the charity is evident; the team work closely together and hold regular prayer meetings. The empowerment officers have found that working for Hope Into Action means tenants can be helped in a more thorough and holistic way than if they were a regular housing association. For example, needs that could not be addressed between tenants and housing professionals - such as befriending - are provided by the churches who run the houses. 

Hope Into Action carry responsibility for admin, rent, management of the properties and communication with social services. Church volunteers are free to focus on building friendships with the tenants and offerign them the support they need.

The vital input from churches means that ongoing support of the tenants is sustainable. The Hope Into Action team has found that when people encounter secure and strong relationships, they thrive and are able to maintatin their tenancy, gain employment and move on with their lives.

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Pictured left to right: Karen, John, Rebekah, Poppy, Kate and Dani

Article printed from at 23:35 on 29 May 2020