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Billy Graham's funeral to be broadcast live in Norwich 

The funeral of the world’s best-known evangelist, Dr Billy Graham, will be broadcast live at a Norwich church, 34 years after he visited the city to preach at Carrow Road football stadium.

Soul Church on Mason Road in Norwich is one of just six locations on the UK chosen to receive a live stream of the funeral service on Friday March 2 from 5pm.
Billy Graham, preached to the Queen at Sandringham and 63,000 people at Carrow Road in Norwich in 1984, sparking the start of thousands of people’s Christian commitment across Norfolk.
Making the announcement, Lee Searle, Director of Ministry, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association UK, said: “Throughout his ministry, Billy Graham was a pioneer in the use of technology to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ by every effective means available. On many occasions, his meetings in the UK were broadcast across the country, first by landline and then by satellite.
“Once again, Billy Graham’s message will be shared all across the UK—this time through the live stream of his funeral service.
“Billy Graham’s one purpose in life was to help people find a relationship with God that comes only through knowing Christ, and his desire would be the same in his passing. Please join us as we honour his life and ministry and proclaim the same Gospel he shared for nearly 80 years, said Lee.
You can find Soul Church at 4 Mason Road, Norwich, NR6 6RF, all are welcome.
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Pictured top is Billy Graham preaching at Carrow Road in Norwich.

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